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Awesome!!! Thanks for the link. We just got one of the bikes registered. This is the one that we will mock up in a couple days with the engine, suspension, and wiring. Bring it out to the ranch and figure out the sprocket ratio and all of the other unseen problems. Once we get that one all ironed out, we will build the 4 other bikes just like it in on LONG weekend.
As far as fuel, we will be running the stock tank (seat) and building a rack that holds a larger plastic fuel can on the rear fender (left side). We will have a total of 3 gallons per bike. If we know we will be in for a longer stretch, we will just fill up soda bottles and such. I know a lot of people put dirtbike tanks on the backbone of the CT's but to me, it crowds your legs a bit to much. Especially when your in a sticky situation. Ive rode a long stretch in Nevada with a 2liter soda bottle full of fuel with no problems. Once again, just as a back up.
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