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Extended Warranty!!

My story begins with HOLY CRAP!
Last year I bought my 2010 690 with 700 miles on it and an extended warranty. It was such a great deal I had to strike. Over the past year I done some single track, dual sports, long slab, everything, and the more I dished it out, the more she took it. Then I noticed after about 2000 miles a small coolant leak at the base gasket between the case and the cylinder just under the exhaust port. Wasn't bad, didn't seem to be losing coolant. No worries. The last ride I checked and saw the leak was bad; dripping down off my skid plate. I opted to slab back home rather than do the next 12 miles of sand wash jacking my engine temps. Then I said, well this thing is going into the shop. I could to the gasket myself but if it's covered by the extended warranty, why not have someone else tear my ride down to its essence. They confirmed the leak and the repair was covered. They put it back together and tested it. Leaked again, same spot. Tore it down once more and inspected mating surfaces. The cylinder was cracked!!! Now I'm waiting for the warranty adjuster to OK the new repair. The dealer says KTM won't allow them to just replace the cylinder so it needs a new top end! HOLY CRAP!!! I can't wait to see this bill (that I won't be paying for!). I don't like the idea of someone else fooling around with my girl, but this time I'm glad they are!
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