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Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
On the right side behind the shroud, you should be able to see it though the vent hole of the shroud if it's still in place. What's remaining of the hose in your picture should be pointing towards it. I can tell you that the Clymer manual if you have one doesn't say anything about it.
okay. i (uhhh) "obtained" (uhhhh) a copy of the factory service manual, and you are right, there is some vacuum pump thing on the right side near the rad puke bottle. I do not have one, so one of the PO's removed it, and probably just plugged the hose.

I got this bike from FredGreen, who got it from JDRocks, who also got it's changed hands alot in 5 years!

It's got the IMS tank, highway peg guard / skidplate combo from HappyTrail (ithink), custom seat, and all the fairings removed, and the headlight changed.

I'm looking to swap the headlight (small square thing with tiny shroud) to something like a trailtech baja, or one of the dominator dual 4" lamp setups.

Photobucket is being a PITA right now, but pics are coming!

love this bike
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