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Originally Posted by WeazyBuddha View Post
Yours seems to have started as an X so what you did is what I'd do.

However, I'm starting with an R, and its weaker brakes. So, I am wondering if anybody with an R has laced X components to their DS wheels and then gotten a second set of wheels for SM also with X components.

As a new WR owner, thanks for the patience as I slowly start to get the hang of things on this thread and on my WR knowledge.

Perhaps the R brakes are fine doing SM duty and any marginal gain from the X components may not be worth the trouble.
Do you know for a fact that the R has weaker brakes?? As far as I understood, the X just runs a bigger rotor, therefore, it(caliper) is mounted further out on the fork tube, achievable with an adapter bracket. I had always thought the calipers and pads were the same, albeit with different first three digits in the part number, due to Yamaha's numbering system, and those first three digits referencing the bike the parts are for.
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