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Very interesting perspectives on the track. I read Lorenzo's take on CotA and I wish I could find where I'd read it, because it was a great description of how challenging the track is. Fortunately, I wasn't doing a time attack and in the second and third sessions I focused on being smooth and having fun.

Though I never really felt comfortable with the track, the R just got more and more brilliant. It did whatever I wanted it to, whenever I wanted it to. "Video game" motorcycle is not an exaggeration. The journos had been talking about how you could brake as hard as you wanted to right to the apex....and with the bike responding to every input (nay--thought!) and I began exploring braking later and later at shallower and shallower lean angles down to the point where I could feel the front end 'creeping' sideways at/near full lean. Pretty cool. So much traction, so much feedback. Sublime. Totally sublime.

The film crew Ducati hired are the ones responsible for that GoPro. They were also out with a slo mo cam (like the one used for that Casey Stoner video) and, of course, all their other gear, getting shots of me missing apexes and being passed. Final edit should be done soon.

In between sessions 2 and 3 Ducati came and asked me if I could do an 'interview' with Nicky Hayden. Sure....but what the hell do I say? "Just talk about your trip." Sounds good. I peeled off my leathers, then I think I drank a bottle of water and took a leak. I might have sat staring into space while eating one of the delicious snacks they had in the paddock and I could have possibly taken some pictures of my toes. Then, as I went to find Gabe, the head camera honcho, he finds me. "Hey we're waiting." Shit, we're doing this NOW? I went outside to find they'd set up in front of a paddock door, and from Hayden's expression I think they'd been waiting for longer than convention typically allows. As we talked about what the hell we should talk about, No. 69 takes over and says, "I got it" and starts asking me questions. Content problem solved.
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