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Originally Posted by Uller View Post
Thanks! I do understand how TV Stations make money though.

If they are tape delaying a race (or any sport for that matter) why cut some of the sport out in order to fit in the commercials.

When you watch Football/Baseball/Basketball/Track/Swimming/X-Games/etc, they show the commercials between the action. They don't cut out the game/race to show the commercial.

Even in Nascar they try to show commercials during the yellow flag.

But, during a short 20 lap race we miss out on two laps for commercials.....

During your 60 Minutes show on Sunday night, did you miss out on 1/10th of the show because they ran commercials over it? No, they Edited the running the show to provide breaks for commercials to run.

If you tape delay a race how hard would it be to provide a 2 minute break for commercials to run? No, they skip right over it (those two laps) just like it is running live. Again, we all (well, some of us) understand it is tape delayed.
All we want to see is the crashes,and we did.Several times in Eli's case.Football,Baseball etc,ACTION?I think not.Some study said the average football player saw like 6 min of total action in a game?Pleease!
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