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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Ring !!! Ring !!!!!!
I could some training roadbooks ?????
Their's a nice pretty set of 4 "beginner" NORRA roadbooks that will be handed out in Mexicali this weekend for a little 1000 mile race. While some are down there, me and LKN4DRT and RMS and BicyclePhil will be in an undisclosed location in Arizona making some more Grand Rally training roadbooks, for 300 miles of Stage 24, and half of Stage 16 (yes there are that many stages in the works).

Then there's the top secret Diabolical stuff we preran a couple of weeks ago. I have in mind maybe giving Quinn and Kurt an early set from Diabolical before that becomes a real race. That stuff is by far the best suited for training guys who want to open and win stages in Dakar.

If you want some of my DVR training roadbooks, first do a school with Jimmy Lewis or RMS. After you've done that, PM me and I'll send you my roadbook catalog.
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