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Originally Posted by rystjohn View Post

  • Honda CRF250L $4500 <--- This is the one I'm leaning towards most in the new - Is okay
  • Yamahaw XT250 Junk - too heavy and gutless, air cooled and old tech
  • Kawasaki KLX 250S - Girl or kids bike. totally gutless. Can be punched out and upgraded. It's a bland version of the old KDX which was stellar.
  • Suzuki DR200SE - should be a mini bike.

  • Suzuki DR200SE with 3,200 miles $2500 <--- This is the one I'm leaning towards most of the used
  • 2005 Yamahaw XT 225 with a hitch rack, straps, etc to haul the bike. 6800 miles $2800 Absolutely gutless
  • 2000 Yamahaw XT350 with 11,000 miles. $1800 Too old, old technology
My opinion of the above in orange. If you can swing it get the CRF250. It's gutless too, but it's a nice little bike for a smaller person or a beginner.

For a trailbike on the cheap, see if you can find a KDX 200/220, or even a KLX230 4-stroke. Probably none plated. Or a WR250F. Now there's a real trailbike.

If you want a competent adventure bike the WRR would get a nod, a bit down on power but way popular nonetheless. This is where the CRF250 would land.

Forget the CRF230, too heavy and gutless, crappy suspension.

On the cheap a DRZ400 would be good. Heavy for offroad, but a solid bike.

The suzuki DR200 is what I would call a tiddler. You would be satisfied for about 2 hours of riding.
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