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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Good catch. Yes, I quoted one of the lower figures I found and there are lots higher. I suspect he's at $20M US or so with everything factored in. Not too shabby. Of course there are some drivers who make essentially nothing and/or are required to bring sponsorship of their own too, so not every driver is making a killing.

As a tangent, it was interesting to see the old Weber in the last race.... the widest car in the paddock. I'm not in favor of lots of penalties, but I've never seen a race with so much wild swerving to block. This is a wreck waiting to happen.

- Mark

That's a surprise. I like him, but he's not worth that much.
They could have Kovalinen for a third of the money. Or probably 1/10 th because he'd be happy to get the seat, and likely better results, and probably a better team player too.
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