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I think I was influenced by the favorable reports on the castor oils, but as you state, those reports are old. The synth/castor blend (around 80/20 ??) sounded like a good compromise, but as you state, this may be outdated. I will definitely run a full synth next go-around (will use up my synth/castor, won't toss it). This is experimentation and re-learning about 2-strokes, I've ridden 4-strokes only for the last 10 years, forgotten everything I knew about 2-strokes which was very little.
There is an awful lot of BS in circulation about 2T bikes, with much of it based on thinking which is 30 years or more out of date! In choosing a 2T oil for pre-mix bikes, make sure it states clearly on the packaging "PRE-MIX ONLY", as any 2T oil which can also be used in injector oiling systems, is not fully synthetic, and ideally should be avoided for use on pre-mix competition bikes (its thinned 20% with kerosene, so it will work in injector systems).
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