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Thanks for all the kind words and advice on keeping the bike. At least for now I've been starting her once a week and running a fan cycle
If I had the money I'd have every bike I ever owned. Except for a 90' KTM 300 EXC and the 06' KTM 640A.... Oh, and the 05' 525 idiot sled. I bought it used from some rich puke and tried to turn it into a real dual-sport. Baja Designs kit and $2,600 later it wouldn't start with the button, and it was bitch to kick. I hated that. The first guy put an auto in it which is good in the woods, but when you down shift on pavement with an auto the wheel locks for a mili-second, which will kill your tranny. He didn't have the stock clutch so I hated that too. Frequent oil changes and maintenance; Not good. I think KTM's are awesome woods bikes. Aside from Husaberg (KTM) they're the best. But every KTM made is a race bike at heart. I wouldn't ever get a 990 no matter what those guys put them through. A good example is "Long Way Round" I bet Charlie Boorman is sure glad they went with BMW. I almost bought the 12' 690. So glad I didn't.
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