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Originally Posted by RedRocket View Post
That's a surprise. I like him, but he's not worth that much.
They could have Kovalinen for a third of the money. Or probably 1/10 th because he'd be happy to get the seat, and likely better results, and probably a better team player too.

I looked at the numbers from Crash Net and they have 45M for Kimi in 2009 from Ferrari! 30M for Alonso this year, 10M for V3ttel... If that is the case IMHO Ferrari is overpaying and Red Bull is getting a f'n good deal... So I don't really believe any of it.

On speed last year Matchet said Kimi was on a bonus system getting x dollars per point and they worked it out to about 10M. That makes a bit more sense but who knows... I think we will never really know what the drivers get paid. If I am not mistaken Shumi said in an interview when he was at Ferrari that he made more money with endorsments than anything else. If Kimi was ever worth 45M, Shumi would have been worth at least 2 or 3 times that.

Any way you look at it, it's a shit load of coin to drive a glorified go kart around in circles!
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