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Originally Posted by stujamur View Post
I have run both d606 and xcmh rears . Its a compromise .

Xcmh is a slightly bettter tire off road then 606 and 606 a fair bit better on road .

I got about 2000k from a xcmh rear and i got about 3000k from a d606 .

Xcmh front is the go - i dont like 606 fronts .

Oil - 15w 50 full synth quality bike -,I use motol .
I got a little more from the XCMH, pretty disappointing considering the price. Good handling I guess, it didn't last long enough to fully test.
Try a Dunlop 908 RR.
I had one last 7200 miles and it is a very good street tire and an excellent off road tire. the front however is not too good. For a good front try a Metzler Unicross.
I use 5W-40 Shell Rotella full syn.
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