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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Then Mag 7 will be sitting on the beach along side my pit !
26. 15.54N
112. 28.42W is what the Mag 7 Race director sent me

I just rechecked it it is dead on the road north of town
Those are not standard GPS coordinates. There should not be two periods(.) in each number. I interpreted those numbers this way:
26 15.54'N 112 28.42'W
That location is on the beach.

On the other hand, making a wild guess, I tried iterpreting them this way:
26 15' 54"N 112 28' 42"W
and that location is indeed near the race course, though 300 yards further North than what your earlier Google Earth image shows.

Last year when Mag7 posted their pit location coordinates, they had all kinds of crazy numbers, some in standard format, and some that made no sense at all (worse than those numbers you just posted). When I told them they were giving bad coordinates, and that their Todos Santos pit was way off the course, they ignored me. I'm thrilled you've organized an alternative for some!!!
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