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Originally Posted by I.Will.Ride.On.Mars
I'd like to see as much as possible, but I don't want to just rush through everything. I want to see the people and explore and absorb the cultures. Not just cruse through as fast as possible. I'll be learning more as I ride more and gain experience. Perhaps I'll change the route again.

Does not suit what you said when you said this:
I plan on being ruthless for Australia and most of Europe. Long days - like 8 hours of riding. I'll have a Corbin seat. And be ruthless. I'm not on a strict timeframe, but 5 months will be a big test.
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Ah yes, you're correct. I can't rush through it all and still absorb it all. To be fair though, there are only a few things I'm set on seeing in Australia (right now anyways) so going quickly through there isn't as big a deal. Europe has more I'm interested in seeing, but not as much as SE Asia/Stans. I don't plan on rushing through SE Asia/Stans. There are only three things that can change - Money, Time, and Distance. If there is an issue with one of those it'll affect the trip and I'll adjust accordingly. But yes, you're correct. Indeed I can't have it both ways.
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