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Originally Posted by victor441 View Post
I don't have the Nomar but did make my own low $$$ tire changing fixture and having the wheel firmly secured and at waist level makes all the difference, tire changes are much easier. A bead breaker like their attachment is a great help too, especially on big stiff tubeless radials, also made my own from scrap. Those tools along with real tire mounting lube (Ruglyde) and some zip ties (learned to use them in another thread here) have made the whole process relatively easy and eliminated pinched tubes completely. Anyway, IMHO if you change tires fairly often it is well worth buying or building some tools for the job (and much easier on your back too ;-)

I'm thinking along the same lines as you, making my own. I'm curious how you secure the rim to keep it from moving?

The idea I have is similar to yours but I was gong to put slots in the base board and run two tie down straps around the spokes through the slots in the base to keep the wheel from twisting on me.

As far as breaking the bead I've found that leaving the wheel on the bike and breaking the bead with a c-clamp has worked pretty good.

Your fab jobs look great

I also use a mixture or liquid body soap and mineral oil for a tire lube.
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