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Originally Posted by alskee750 View Post

I swapped from k60's to Big Blocks and I'm feeling the same thing. Pretty normal from memory. Give it sometime for them to break in...

Good info
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Any full knobblie is going to vibrate at different speeds, lean angles, etc. I ran Pirelli MT 21's on my bastard KTM 525 and they did not vibe, but they were just this side of a true knob. Although, I know some nut-jobs that adhere to CT DOT laws that have them on their woods bikes and have ridden up here in VT with me in the gnar and they made it
The MT 21's did howl at speed though, but don't all knobbers anyway? That just lets you know that you have some dirt traction goin' on
I felt safest pushing the Pirelli's on the road too.
If Max sold Pirelli's I might have gotten something from them, but I got the K60's and actually, I like them. For pavement and dirt roads. I do not like the thought of changing a flat though. What a stiff bugger. That's why once TuBliss comes out with the DOT version I'm all signed up.
Back to Pirelli's. They are the only tire I run here on the right coast. MT 16 rear (120) is the best! The MT 16 front is good too. Or the XCMS (the old MT 32) front. The Bridgestone M59 front is an awesome woods tire here too though, and the Dunlop 803 trials rear is flat amazing!
Where was I?!
Knobs vibrate and wiggle on pavement. And make noise
Till they're bald
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