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Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
.... Yep, she let go of the clutch to return the wave and that was it.
Okay so that's a stall, but not necessarily a drop. Why was it a drop? That would make the bike lurch forward a little, not to the side. Yup, I've absent mindedly done something like that, it ws a lurch/stall but not a frop.

Said she put her left foot down to stop and "felt a pebble roll under her foot", was afraid she was going to fall so reflexively grabbed the front brake (again); you know the rest.
That's not actually a reflex, it's just the WRONG thing to do, and results in "I was afraid I was going to fall so I made sure I did". She should NOT attribute this to "reflex" but instead learn NOT to. 'Cuz that's a terrible "reflex" to have!

Best wishes to your wife on her continuing up the learning curve.
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