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Originally Posted by Beezer View Post
I am apparently the only guy in the world that screwed by them. I struggled to make one work on my GS & was told that I wasn't pulling it tight enough, even though I was pulling it hard enough to make the stitch holes stretch open. anyway, it was a very poor fit. I bad mouthed them from time to time on the net & eventually got a PM from one of the owners asking why. I told him the story & he said, oh yeah.... we unknowingly used a "low" seat for the pattern on that one, would you like another? sure I sez, no rush since it's middle of winter. thats the last I heard of that.... I pinged him a couple times but no response.... guess he lost interest in making it right, so fuck them

note also that almost every one of these I've seen has a wrinkle or two somewhere on the transition from the flat to the horn.
You know I did drop the ball on this one, I am sorry, all I can say.
But if you want to be a jackass, I assure you I can out jackass you any day of the week.
Now that being said, I will send you the new seat if you want it.
You can call me at 951-741-0722 if you would like to discuss.

The 80`s..........ah yes...back in the days when men looked like women, women dressed like whores and the music F@#KING ROCKED!

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