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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
recommended loctite retaining compound for o.d. of seals with nitrile coating? seal surface is good, seal went in tight. it still likes to push itself out after a few hours of hard running......
If the ID of the hole is ferrous OR non-ferrous I'd hit the mating surface of the seal with a quick shot of 7649 Primer N to activate the surface, then apply a thin bead spread around the metal hole with a Q-Tip any of the thicker viscosity retaining compounds. This should work fine.

Remember, a thinnish bead. We're trying to minimize the squeezeout to the innards of the engine. Don't glob it on-thus the Q-Tip trick to help you better control the amount of retaining compound you apply.

Then gently drive the seal into place and let it sit overnight.

As far as a specific product suggestion in absolutely no order of importance: 620, 609, 680, 603, 660.

Good Question, Great Application! Thanks for asking-this question and answer will get someone out of a jam one of these days.

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