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i got the sucker running! for 20 seconds or so at incredibly high idle speed, smoking white smoke like hell and then it quit. (engine would rev even higher when i pulled some throttle, if that's worth anything)

this was after the carb finally got fuel to the bowl, and i adjusted the points so that the connection gap (unknown term) was shortened or made smaller than originally set. (the nut on the crankshaft was also quite loose.)

the plug had some oily spots, darker in color, but wasn't extremely wet.

the enrichener was not engaged, the air screw on the slide was screwed in quite far, (raising the slide) should it be screwed out more or less, as far as more or less air for idle?

concerning the idle speed, why would it not want to start when the points were gapped further?

i was ordering a new points plate and condensor... should i just replace this? could it be a bad condensor? or is my point adjustment to small?(concerning really fast idle)

ever grateful for the help folks, it wouldn't be running if it wasn't for you!

(first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win)

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