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You all know so much yet seem to be unaware that 5 months ago Quinn shattered his femur in the Baja 1000, had a six hour surgery with 3 docs piecing together what was left of his femur, bolting the bone into a metal rod they'd put into his leg; the bone is still mending around that today, it's a known fact an injury of such severe nature to the largest bone in the body takes 9 months to a year to reach full recovery.

Very few racers are back on a bike 5 months after this injury, let alone taking on a 4 day rally race.

Would make more sense to hear any of you acknowledge his courage for traveling halfway around the world and taking on a race like this as the first race since his injury. Would be more useful and accurate a topic of discussion rather than endlessly nitpicking Quinn's navigation skills, stooping lower yet in questioning his company for providing him with the opportunity to perfect his navigation skills in this rally.
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