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Hi, here goes nothing..
I have been lurking this forum for a few years and i have loved every minute reading. specialy the ride reports. All this great reports and all the inspiering riders have inspired me to do my own epic ride. Not epic in the scale of most reports here but to me it is epic. I also wat to give somthing back to ADV community, so will try to do a report. Even if my english skill will limit my ability to do so. I hope you have patience.
The plan is to leave Norway 3 may. Maybe a day earlier if work will let me. Then im heading sout east and hopfully il end up on the south coast of Turkey before the 11 may. My wife and daughter is flying down then and will meet up with me for a week of relaxation. We have a holiday apartment there and when they fly back home im packing the bike again and hedding north.
This is the planned route down

And this is the return.

Will be fun to get back home and see what i ended up doing compared to the original plan.

So what do i ride.. ITs not a adveture type bike but a road warrior.

I hope to be back at the end of may as 4 weeks is the time i have off from work.
I'm hoping to do a "live"report but if that dont work out i will write the report when i return.

The Rider:
Im 39 years old, hopfully 40 in july. Married and have a 13 year old daughter. Normaly she ride with me on all my rides but this one she is flying. Her mother wont let her go on this one and she is not happy about itShe love two things and thats riding with me on my bike and her special efects makeup. She have a blog going so if anyone of you care to have a look she would love to get some more views.
Thanx to anyone taking the time to have a look. Might make her less sad over not comming with me.
My wife ride a bike to but sadly she have a bad knee so cant come with me on anything this long. So this is my ego trip. No one else to care about but myself.

This will be it for now i need to go and sort my gear and do some packing.
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