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Originally Posted by twistedthrottle View Post
How do they perform?

Kevin, I got to use them for about 60 miles of actual darkness. Here is my honest reply. (warning it starts out not so positive and turns positive)

Having zero experience with aux lights on a motorcycle, honestly I was looking for that "HOLY %HIT" moment when turning them off and on revealed a whole new world, I didn't get that. Second, the 10 degree beam is much wider than I had imagined. (again, no experience with this sort of thing) Third, I still don't really have them aimed well. I have them going where I want them, but I have no idea what they look like to oncoming traffic yet.

Then the further I rode the more I took note of some things. The difference is subtle but substantial. I have the right one pointed slightly to the right to light the ditch. I think the reason I was initially dissapointed was that I was looking for a narrow blast beam but it gives a MUCH wider view out into the fields where the deer come from. I also didn't feel like I was getting the distance out of them that I should. I then realized that was a function of height. On a flat road from the height they are mounted you are only going to see a certain amount of highway before they are pointed into thin air.

The further I rode, the more I came to appreciate what they WERE doing, instead of what I THOUGHT they would do. They work great, I think they are doing what they are designed to do and it has greatly increased vision on all sides. Probably the oddest thing that I noticed was after several miles of riding with the clean white light they provide, when I would meet a car and dim my lights, I was amazed at how dull and yellow average automobile lights looked as they draw close and fill your field of vision. Then you click these back on high and the world takes on the proper colors again.

In the end, I am happy with the lights. My expectations were way to high for practical purposes. I could use some tips in aiming them. Like shining them on a wall at what distance gives me what result.

I wrote here about my initial dissapointment for you to use on other new customers whose expectations might be too high. I appreciate your help here and am glad you are monitoring ADVRider. For the electrically declined, you might include some directions for installing the lights WITH the canbus adapter. Because there were instructions for installing the lights and instructions for installing the canbus adapter, but no instructions on how they worked together.

Again, all's well that ends well, so I am not griping. Hopefully I have given you some feedback and information you can use in the future.

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