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Update. Yesterday I saw her entering a thrift shop. She weighs about 90 lbs., looks to be in her fifties. She wore a faded house dress, sandals, and a huge straw hat. I parked my scooter and walked inside. "Hi," I said, "Remember me?" Obviously she didn't. "I'm the guy that had the red Yamaha Vino. I recall you were so impressed with it that you went right out and bought one."
"Oh, yes," she said, looking less suspicious.
"Do you still have it?"
"Oh, yes. I do still have it."
"Wonderful....Um, have you ever ridden it?"
"Oh, yes." (Obviously not the answer I expected).
"Great. Do you ride it a lot?"
"No. Just now and then."
"Would you consider selling it?"
"No. It's not for sale." She turned away and began examining dresses on a rack. End of a conversation she did not seem all that pleased to be having.

I guess if I'm going to change someone's life I'll have to look elsewhere.
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