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Local guy on another forum hit a deer on 66 at 70mph.


Originally Posted by G.Irish
Last Saturday morning I hopped on my 1199 to head out to Harrisonburg for a car/bike show. I was just past Haymarket at about 9 am, cruising in the right lane when a deer ran out somewhere between 5 and 8 feet in front of me. I didn't even have time to let off the throttle when the impact occurred and I went flying down the road.

I wasn't in the air for long but I tumbled and slid for about 40-50 ft. When I stopped I jumped up and ran off the road. The cars behind me stopped and people came out to help me and call an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived they put on a neckbrace and strapped me to backboard just to be safe.

Long story short, I got a CAT scan and some x-rays but ended up without any broken bones. Just bruised fingertips (from where they smacked the levers), a nickel-sized chunk taken out of my elbow, and a bruised hand.

I was geared up and it saved my ass. Only places where my gear failed were on the elbow where the elbow pad got rotated a bit and I caught some rash, otherwise everything held up perfectly.

Just wanted to post as a reminder to gear up. Had I not been geared up I definitely would've had some nights in the hospital and some permanent disfigurement if not worse. Here are some pics of the gear:

Originally Posted by G.Irish
Deer was pretty much killed instantly. Blood all over my gear and the bike, some of its organs ended up in the middle of the road, body landed on right shoulder.

Here's some pics of the bike from the insurance co. As expected, totalled. Looking at it I'm def lucky to get off as light as I did:

i haz z1000!
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