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After what seemed like months of diligent planning. Friday was finally here. This was the day that we would set the world on fire and conquer the most grueling adventure known to man. Heck, the ET 500 was reported to be 90% off paved roads.

4/19 2:30 pm - Phone Rings - Shovel says, "Um, is their an alternate way to your house? I'm stuck on 45 N." "Yeah Man" I say, "Exit here, turn left there, right near the 1 eyed turtle, and you'll be here shortly."

About 3:00 Shovel shows up and we load up the rigs.

As Shovel noted, my bike is the fully sponsored rig on the left, and his is the boring, plain ordinary ride on the right.

We have essentially the same mods. Ultimate Air box, Header, Pipe, Racks, etc etc. You can see more about my bike and future adventures by checking out my website:

So, we get to our camp, set up the hammock and tent and begin our first journey. Of course, the new trusty Garmin sends us 30 miles out of the way to the fine Mexican establishment.

Once we arrived, LuLu served us well:

We ordered a mixed plate of fajitas, chicken and beef. I only had the chicken and they were damn good!

Shovel had a mexican coke, which he was really proud of

and i spilled queso on my shirt

As Shovel found out, i have a bad habit of not carrying cash on me. So he covered the campground fee's (while calling me Aligator Arms) and I picked up the tab for dinner.

Drove back to the camp ground and began to play with fire. I showed Shovel how you could light a match off your engine case - he wasn't too impressed. We fiddled around a bit and then called it a night.

It wasn't a very good night in my hammock. I wasn't really cold or hot. I just couldn't sleep. I twisted and turned, pee'd a couple of times and just laid there.

Is it tomorrow yet!
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