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Originally Posted by DYNOBOB View Post
Here's my .02 on the D908. (I have one on my 630)

Cost 2X as much but lasts 2-3X as long as a T63/D606/etc so maybe you save money (especially if you're paying someone to change tires). There's also value for someone setting out on a long trip and doesn't want the aggravation of planning a tire change 1/2 way to Alaska or the TAT.

It's a very stiff, strong, puncture resistant tire. Not getting a flat is worth a lot to me. With a Tubliss insert it's a run-flat.

Fast, aggressive riders report it doesn't offer great traction. Hasn't been an issue for me but I'm slow.....

My main issue with that tire is that it doesn't have any traction, sure it's a block of rubber that can make it to Alaska, but don't ask it to climb anything.

I got 4500 miles out of one, it would just spin and spin and spin...hated every minute of it.

It sucked on pavement, sand, dirt, gravel, snow, mud and rocks. Concrete in a straight line is where it really shined.
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