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Originally Posted by Gyrene84 View Post
Not sure I understand. So one must take a picture of their bike with the Golden Gate Bridge?

I would like to participate, but I'm a little slow.
Originally Posted by browneye View Post
Hey Sallydog...looks like fun.

So the next person has to name your tag item (golden gate bridge) and then post their bike in front of a new tag item? Or do they have to take a photo of their bike in the same location as yours? Then post a new pic?

Sorry, I'm confuzzled too. We're slow on the left coast.
Yes you guys are slow, you be the first to take a pic of your bike in the "tag" location (this case GGB) then you pick a new location take a pic and this is the new tag for others to find and so it goes on.

Hope this makes it clearer for you. if not read first post again.


Originally Posted by pcvance View Post
Who's the clueless noob?
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