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Is there any trick with installing the gaskets? Should I apply a coat of a sealant or anything with the gaskets for a solid seal, especially the head gasket? Also, when the manual says "apply a non-permanent locking agent", can I read this is Loctite? How attentive do I need to the specific parts that the manual calls for to apply molybdenum disulfide grease or molybdenum disulfide oil agent? Is there a difference between the 2? Do I really need to apply this?

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1. I dont know where you are getting your 685 from. Go to the Schnitz website and down load the assembly instructons written by Cary for the 685. It also has clear instructions about sealant placement. I used the Cometic gaskets and sealed as suggested and 40K miles later not a drop or weep has occurred. Yamaha Bond or Honda Bond ( available from their car dealers too).
2. Any non-permanant thread locking. 'Loctite', 'Permabond' are brand names - use what is available.
3. I mix moly based grease with oil if the oil version is called for. Moly is a high pressure lubricant that will wash out when the motor is fully running - and it will not affect your clutch!.

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