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Originally Posted by WERA456 View Post
If I post saying I want one and am ready to buy will it speed the process up.
Really, I am leaving for a trip on 6/8 and would love to have this on the bike. If not I will have to get 2x red tanks hanging off my bike. Would love to not buy the red tanks and then when I get back from my trip yours is ready.
Do you have an estmate for price and when is the earliest I could get one?

I have not seen anyone ask the questions, are they compatable with the Happy trails racks? We do not use the two threaded holes under the subframe, but could there be any issues with clearance on the width?
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Originally Posted by Oso Blanco View Post
We will be just under the $500 mark.

-We are estimating 8-10weeks until they are ready.
If you do the calculation it means around the 22th of may / first week of juin
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