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I need a help with electric. I just spent on that 3 days, all looks fine , but it does not work.

What is happening :
1) Bike starts
2) Head lamp works, Hi and Low
4) Speedometer lights works when Hi on

But the worst part is that TAIL LIGHT nad BRAKE LIGHT DOES NOT, is just strange...
Please look at the photos.

3 wires comming out from alternator- green ( G) white- yellow ( WY) and red- black ( RB)

2 wires comming out from AC regulator ( G) and (WY)

3 wires comming OUT of the main wire so they comming INTO the front from the seat area G, WY, RB-

What i did :
i have connected 1xG from alternator to G from regulator and the i have connected to them 1 G from Main wire

I have connected 1 x WY from alternator to WY from regulator and 1x WY from Main wire


It was kind of ruber connector from altrnator to main wire so i have connected it.

Then u will see the plug, from the main wire. 2x green and one braun ( Br)
and from Tail light 1x Br, 1x G, 1x W

I have connected Tail light to the plug, start the bike and NOTHING
I have Head light, and no Tail light at all.
What is wrong?
May i connect it right but made mistake in the front connections and it is somehow loop?
WIRE charts does not work , as u will see on Tail lights they have only 2 wires ( no brake light)
I have bought new wire for 1992 engine, but regulator is from 1990,

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