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Originally Posted by Bill Harris View Post
Hope your recovery is uneventful. Seems like there has to have been some marks on his vehicle. Fooey on the cops.

I've noticed another trend, too. You are making a left turn on a two-lane and you are positioned in the left 1/3 of the lane, and more and more people will pass you on the right, half in your lane before you've even completed the turn.

I'm inclined to start making my left turns from closer to the right 1/3 of my lane and not give the miscreants an opening...

When I started riding 25 years ago; that's one of the first things I learned... GUARD YOUR LANE! If you don't, other drivers *WILL* try to "share" it. The ONLY time you don't do this is when it poses a direct danger to you...

To the OP:

Hope you heal up quickly. I would certainly get a lawyer involved ASAP. The Cops will likely NOT do the right thing for you... it's less paperwork for them.
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