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Originally Posted by Pongo View Post
Great write up!
Seems several riders were in Victoria last fall while I was elsewhere!
You live in a very cool little town my friend. We hope to be back very soon
Hopefully next time we'll make time to go out to areas, like Tofino. Any other areas you'd recommend?

Originally Posted by mightys4 View Post
The two of you live very well... I can appreciate that. Odd that people chime in and cast their negative opinions. You are a lot like me as I read your chronicles, nice things that you both enjoy very much and you both obviously have EXCELLENT taste in food.

Your photos are stellar and your writing is inspiring! I'm a lurker normally, but just wanted to compliment your post.

And that garage....

I enjoyed reading very much.
Thanks for the post Gerry. I guess it's true when they say you can't please everyone. It's ok though. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it and sure as hell am not going to change the way we do things because of it either.

The garage is undergoing a few changes. Putting in some lighting and got rid of the overhead garage motor and replaced it with one of THESE. Now that I have it I don't know how this isn't the standard. Very quiet and replaces the entire track and motor from the middle of the ceiling. Thing even has wi-fi in order to check if you left the door open. If you did you can close it (or open it) remotely from your phone, ipad or computer.

Originally Posted by zwild View Post
Oh stop fishing, we're still here aren't we?
lol...not fishing at all. I really did think his RR was well written. I try as best I can to get our point across but always wonder if it's too detailed. Hopefully the pictures make up for any shortcomings in the writing
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