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where does this lead?
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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
I'm sure they are right on top of it.

Dear Rider #456,

Please submit a sample of your urine for testing. You can use this empty sample bottle. Please ensure the bottle is sealed tightly and write your name and # on the ID label, and use the enclosed Fed Ex label and mailing pouch.

Thank you.

From a RacerX interview with Villopodium:

Talk about that WADA doping control this week. Did you get a visit late at night?
Yeah, around 10:30 or 11 o’clock, they rolled up to the gate and rang the gate call. It was alright, I mean I understand it. Luckily, they weren’t bad about it, they were nice. The people that showed up were really cool and we talked about cycling and all kinds of stuff, like Lance [Armstrong] and then [Alberto] Contador. They were really cool and we talked for a while, because I couldn’t squeeze enough out and I had to go back again and fill the jar!

Was that a surprise to have a visit at home?
It was, I mean I know that last year that we talked and they didn’t even test because the FIM and whoever they hired they had a tiff and they didn’t even test. So you went through all that. Now you have to tell them every day where you’re at for a whole year. And outdoors isn’t even involved in it, but this goes for a whole year, so you have to go through all summer and keep telling them where you are, and possibly get a test done at the nationals, even though WADA is not even involved in that sport [Note: WADA is part of the FIM regulation of supercross, where motocross is only regulated by the AMA]. So it makes it difficult, because I think they should just do the top ten and then randomly do the rest of the pack. Just every weekend do the top ten and then randomly do the pack. They will say, “Well then you know its coming.” Well you’ll catch them. What if they can’t resist smoking weed or whatever the case may be? And they can pull blood occasionally, and that’s where they can find other stuff. If they just do pee, it’s just weed and drugs and whatever else you may be on or doing.

So it was urine only?
It was urine only this time, but if they have a nurse, they can draw blood.

Do you ever get worried? We hear that there’s a whole list of weirdo masking agents that are not allowed, like herbal cold medicines and stuff. Do you worry about accidentally taking something like that and getting caught?
Well, you have to be careful. And we talked to them. I know that Contador, he got caught for a blood transfusion and then on top of that it was a steroid from the meat. And he said that particularly where that blood went was a new machine that if it went to the old machine, it would have never been detected. So it went to the new machine and it just so happened that his blood went there. That’s what these guys said and that’s what brought it up. I asked them if can you get it from meat and he said you can. Most of Europe and everywhere else bans it, but I don’t think we do.

So what do you do?
Well, it’s more like red meat and stuff. They’ve heard it going to chickens too, but mainly red meat.

Do you not eat much red meat anyway?
No, not really.

So you happen to just coincidentally be okay with any problems with meat. But there’s got to be a list of things that you’ve got to avoid.
Oh, like cough medicines and all sorts of stuff. Yeah. You’ve got to try and stay out of it.
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