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Originally Posted by Storyteller View Post
Ok, I have looked the answer to a pretty simple, probably too simple. I'm looking at two different 93 the more trail version that has been converted to street and one that is the "street" version with factory blinkers, ignition switch,speedo, etc.

Question is:

Do either of these have "batteries" per se, or do all the electronics (very little obviously) run on these two bikes from the stator?

The trail version has some updates I like, but I'm wanting to add a elec speedo/odo and didnt' know if the stator would support such a thing.

Either one (different sellers) for $950. Thanks!!!
I have a 1993 DR350 (dirt model). There is no battery and the power available for "extras" is A/C. Forget charging anything (like a cell phone), running a GPS, or powering an electric tire pump. If those things are important to you, you'll want the "street" model that runs on D/C power.

FWIW, I only rarely miss having a battery and the associated D/C capabilities. I fit a mechanical speedometer/odometer, carry a good small hand tire pump, and charging a cell phone or running a GPS can be accomplished with batteries or a wall charger in a motel each night. I like the simpler electrical system.

The only thing I wish was better is the headlight/tail light. I'd like to run some of the very nice LED headlights that are currently available, but the vendors tell me they will not run properly on A/C power (I am not happy with the LED tail light I fit, either).

It isn't often that I find myself stuck out in the dirt at night (not my idea of fun). But there are times each year when it happens. I think I may be stuck using a rechargeable LED light. We'll see...


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