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Originally Posted by fritzcoinc View Post
I got a little more from the XCMH, pretty disappointing considering the price. Good handling I guess, it didn't last long enough to fully test.
Try a Dunlop 908 RR.
I had one last 7200 miles and it is a very good street tire and an excellent off road tire. the front however is not too good. For a good front try a Metzler Unicross.
I use 5W-40 Shell Rotella full syn.

A tire & oil thread. I have to throw in my 2 cents.

I had a 908 on the rear and hated every minute of it. Too stiff, bounced around off road and did not stick on the road either. Traded it for a six pack after 1000 miles and I think I got the better end of the deal.

I had a MT 43 on the rear for a round 1000 miles. Took it off, but kept it. Love it on my smaller bikes not on the 610. The Husky spins it too much. Trails tires work best when they are sticking.

I have a T63 on the rear now and it's ok.

The best I have had so far is a Kenda 270. Great on the road and suprisingly good off road. I'm going back to that soon.

I use 5W-40 Shell Rotella full syn in all my other 4 stroke bikes, but have been afraid to in the Husky because it calls for the 60 w.

However if you can run Rotella in Texas surely I can in Washington
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