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There are a million and one things you can do to a KLR. IMO, it's the most MOD-able, FARKLE-able and versatile bike ever.

Haven't even had my bike license for a full year and I know the bike inside and out (to a degree) because it is so easy. You can spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars modifying it, but to me... if it ROLLS and gets from A to B, it's FINE.

I just add things that make it more comfortable for me. None of these things we talk about are ever a MUST. I have a K&N air filter and I'm gonna stick with it. Why? cause I don't care enough to change it. It's a KLR. It can gobble dirt

I think it's nice to make your bike your own, but I think we kinda get sucked in to changing everything. Gotta step back sometimes to see if it's actually worth messing with.
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