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Marc that rally sounds very interesting! Sort of the bike equivalent of a club-type (easy) car rally. Too bad I can't get Saturdays off. SIGH

Hope to meet up with you some other time.



Originally Posted by KLR04 View Post
Hello Pangea,
not going to happen in Mount Royal Park... KOA may be the easy choice, but we'll look into other possibilities, I'll keep you posted...

Hey Eldor,
the navigation rally is a ride of roughly 350 km, over 70% dirt roads, no trails. The rally is broken into 13 sections. The first section is for calibration so the instructions are given in a fashion similar to what you'd get in Mapquest or equivalent, that is you get distance from instruction to instruction, cumulative distance, street names and directions. As the day progresses, instructions give you less informaion so you have to figure out details, you may have to calculate, you may have to sort the instructions in the correct sequence, and so on. Since you are riding, navigating and observing, I make this not THAT difficult... There is an observation side to it, so in each section you have to find information, note it and take pictures (to confirm you saw it and did not 'borrow' the answer), such as a specific street address, the year a village was founded, etc. The answers can always be seen from the road (you may have to walk up to a plaque to read something). This is NOT a race, if you complete the sections too quickly, you will lose points. This is the third year I have organized a rally, people keep coming back... Note that the rally would be rescheduled if there was substantial rain, lots of those roads become quite slick when very wet.

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