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Originally Posted by innathyzit View Post
Engine mods.

Of all the engine mods I have done, 685 kit, advance exhaust cam,WR muffler, Stage 2 dynojet kit, K@N filter, drilled air box, nothing has helped the top end, but everything has improved the bottom end to a point where I have had to change my riding style.

Not complaining, on the contrary, love the tractorishness, but what will make better top end? Cams, porting? and how much will it effect fuel economy? its bad enough now, but just goes so lovely.

Interested in others experiences

And to add to the oil part, I am running Penrite SIN 10w70 fully synthetic.
Do tell of your WR muffler mod,I'm interested and all eyes(cause,well I can't hear ya)is NZ New Zealand?
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