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Originally Posted by bdx View Post
MikeMike - I think maybe more of them are on here than we think, but they are lurkers. In a recent conversation with one such individual he was reluctant to post because of the exposure. ie: We have a tendency to bash the shit out of everyone and everything. I have been guilty of it. But I'm trying to be more positive. You get more flies with sugar than you do with vinegar.... or is it, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"? Sometimes it seems we don't get any help or attention until we have a HEAD EXPLODY somewhere.

I thank Twisted Throttle as well. BTW: I now have a Twisted Throttle reflective triangle on the back of each pannier.

So I will tell you that story as well. I ordered the SW Motech Crash Bars and the Denali D2's together. After unboxing my toys and fondling them I went through the box and there were no stickers. So I wrote an e-mail to Twisted Throttle customer service, trying to be a little funny, about all the stickers I had from other manufacturers and retailers and how I had spent $600 and didn't even get a sticker. The TT decals were promptly put in the mail. So it is the squeaky wheel.
Thanks again.
You know I have never been bashed on ADV Rider..... I do sometimes pass on some of the stickier threads where I know that nothing rational will be posted in reply but for the most part I just state the facts and help where I can.

I'm glad you got the stickers. It seems odd that they were not in the box. The shipping guys put them in every retail order. We don't send them with the dealer orders though.


PS - Thank you for your business!
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