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Originally Posted by Regdor View Post
Hi, new to the forum and need some help. Just got a 1974 XL175. Very good condition except the previous owner was trying to fix a spark problem and disconnected a lot of the wiring trying to fix it. I was able to get all the wiring back to original except I have a green wire in the battery location and have no Idea where it goes. The bike was missing a battrey when i got it and that seems to be what was wrong with the spark and the bike runs great now but I have no idea where that green wire is supposed to go, it has a 1/4" push on connector on it but no place to put it?? any help would be appreciated, any chance someone could pull their cover off the battery area and look around for a green wire? its not the negative for the battery and the wiring diagram is no help with this. i connected it to the green negative wire on the battery just so it is grounded but if it is suppsed to ground a component i would like to know what it is. Thanks
The bike runs great. Ignorance is bliss lol. Green is usually ground wires so I would guess that to the frame or the battery would be a safe bet.
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