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So guys, I'm gonna list this thing for sale:

Untitled by djb_rh, on Flickr

But darn it, I can't find my info on where I got it or what I paid. I don't *think* you can get these any more, but I'm not certain. Anyway, this one is assembled but otherwise new. I just decided on the H-B center stand to live on the bike itself, so don't need this one. Need to know what the heck I paid for it to have some idea how to price it! Google and my email searches are failing me big time.

Also, the manual on this (which isn't just chock full of info) says it works with F series bikes, too. Can anyone confirm that? If so, any F series? Or are there limitations? Might expand my market, obviously. Though if there are G owners interested, I'll listen to offers and give first preference, certainly. We're better than those F series guys, right? :)

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