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Originally Posted by AKASY View Post
I think you should be good for this with your current gearing. My 525 will be 15-45 but with the pulling power of the 525 I'm not really concerned with rocky hills. Ridefreak is really quick in the single track but is much more mellow on open fire type roads.
Originally Posted by RideFreak View Post
14/50 = 3.57 which seems a little low Bash, like woods gearing. I was running 15/48 (3.20) but changed it to 15/45 (3.00) for mileage. Now the bike's a little lazy on the bottom but for DS it'll be ok. Like Akasy said, I'm skeerd of this thing so I take it easy

You don't have our mileage concerns so I'd think anything that will give you a comfortable cruise with the ability to jump up to 60~65 sustained would be ok. On the 525 that'd be around 15/48.
Thanks for the info on gearing for these RFS bikes. I 'll grab a 15t front and see what that does, keeping the 50t rear.
The tank is a 15 liter, or 4 gallons. I'll bring a couple fuel bottles just in case, I have a few 1.5 liter bottles somewhere. Going up to the Wolfman open house on Saturday, see what they have for luggage.
I'll let you'all know how the shakedown ride sorts out.
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