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Originally Posted by TinMan207 View Post
That's kinda the point. 2twisted has been gracious enough to host so that the rest of us can be social and swap/buy/sell goods. I don't think I am speaking out of turn when I suggest that you do just that. I can't be there - I'll be 400+- miles to the north and east of you guys - But I have met quite a few of the guys and gals here and can tell you that they are good people For SURE

IC may have just what you need, but the last time I was at 2Twisted's place he was talking about a Brandy-New (or nearly so) Magnetic Tank bag. Assuming that you really can't make it down/up/over.

On other fronts, I am sitting in my son's a nearly empty living room, borrowing the neighbors Wi-Fi trying to imagine how we are going to get the rest of his "Stuff" into the truck and trailer. Frack! I am certainly earning the Riding time that will come AFTER we unload all this stuff! Of all the traits that we could have picked up from me over the years Why oh freaking WHY, did he have to pick up Pack-Rat-ism?!?!?

Sheesh! Is it Beer-o'clock yet?

Ohhhh hell yeah!

It is in our household!

If I am not able to make this swap meet I will reach out and see what people have left over. Good luck with getting your son's stuff, stuffed into the trailer.
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