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Very happy you made it out of that without serious injury.

Been there twice myself. Once overshot a hill on my xt550 in a big way. Bit oh shit moment and landed both wheels 12 feet down. Ass hurt a bit, but I did bend the sub frame with it.

Second time was snowboarding with a relatively fast friend of mine ridding ski's. I was keeping up our last run of the day till it got a bit steep. Decided to slow it down a bit and caught a nice edge. Superman flight into the air I still remember to this day. I'd guess about a 10-15foot drop right back to hard pack. Remember all the way up to just before impact and checking that my arms were where I wanted them, hands out so no broken wrists, legs straight enough behind me that I wouldn't hurt much. Next was getting up, I hadn't slid that far after impact. Goggles broke my nose, good scrape on my forehead and cheeks, belt buckle gave me a good knock to the waist and the breath completely knocked from me. I was able to get to my knee's, but took about 5 minutes to be able to move from there. I know that kinda internal shock you can get and don't wish it upon anyone. Buddy wanted to go for another run when I finally made it down

Very happy to see you keep going on, you were blessed that day.
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