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Originally Posted by ruppster View Post
Got the Trick Dual Sport kit for the 450EXC and installed it tonight. I've read of people installing them in "an hour or two". I must be slow, it took me 5, but I'm kind of picky about that stuff.
I upgraded the stator to a custom wound Trick unit, upgraded to a larger Ah battery, and converted to bike to all DC. IIRC it's like a 200W stator. Installed a KTM fan kit, too. Also swapped out the diamond shaped headlight for a rectangle unit, but its not the stock KTM one. Makes it look like an 04, but it has pretty good light output.
Now I just need to transfer the title & sign the affidavit to get some tags. It has signals, a horn, & all the good stuff (except DOT tires).
Any of you guys add keys or a hidden kill switch? That's the only thing I feel I'm missing.
Ohio doesn't have a DOT tire requirement, FYI, only a tread depth requirement.
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