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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
I know I'm digging up a zombie thread, but it seems to be my best bet to find some answers. I'm heading to Korea this summer, for at least a year (military) and probably more like three or four years. I'll be alone the first year, then my wife will come over.

Right now I have a 2006 Buell Ulysses, a 2006 KLX250S, and a 2009 Triumph Daytona 675. The 675 is my track bike, so I'm going to sell it, (I still have all the street items) since I've heard that there's not much of a track day scene over there. I'm thinking about selling the Buell too, since it's 7 years old, and it will be a bitch trying to get parts over there. From what I've read here, I probably won't get much dirt use out of the KLX, so I'll probably sell it too.

I'm tempted to go to a dealer and find out what I can get on a trade of all three bikes, to buy something new, ride it for a couple of months, and ship it. I'm thinking about a more road-oriented bike - something my wife and I can ride two-up when she arrives.

What do y'all think - keep the Buell, keep the KLX, or get something different?

+1 on the Buell. Once you get into the mountains there are some roads that turn in to gravel or dirt and I have missed out on exploring those becuase I have a pure road bike that can't handle potholes and ruts very well. As for track days, there are tracks here but most are located in the rural countryside. Bring some track-day leathers and there is a track here were you can rent a 250cc bike set up for the track (I think they are CBR 250s). There is not enough dirt here to justify the KLX. It would make a good around town bike, but probably too small for serious touring. I've been riding here for 4 1/2 years and it's awesome once you get out of the cities. I have a few ride reports here on ADV if you want to see what to expect, or PM me if you want to see my ride albums on Farcebook.
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