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Originally Posted by K_N_Fodder View Post
Howdy new(old) guys, nice bikes both of you! Moving to Duval you say! Wow... that'll be a change. I was born in Monroe.

Turning into a great spring here, I just haven't been taking many pics. Managed to lose the darned camera SD card awhile back and just got it replaced.

The snowline is retreating quickly folks, and dusty as heck on the east side. I was out around the Mayfield Pond area after work and it's like Baja in spots. Only one good off when I was busy looking for a gate and hit a big rock...

Weekend before last I managed to ride the Ironman Poker Run and the Desert 100 the next day. It was an experience for sure, I was totally beat.

Looking forward to more rides in the near future, either of you new guys want to hit some stuff let me know (or anybody else for that matter). Petrol come on back man, Spring is here :)
Lets hook-up and ride! I just buggered up my seat pretty bad trying to shave off an inch for my stumpy legs... just ordered a new one tonight, so I doubt this weekend would work, but I can ride anytime (during the week or weekends, whatever works best for you). I really want to meet as many local inmates as possible for day riding or longer trips out to the Alvord or Steens, I'm up for anything, I've got adventure in my blood!

I'd love to hear more about the Desert 100, saw the pics on here, it looks awesome!
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