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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
Thanks for the heads up - maybe I'll keep the Buell then. It's been a good bike for 7 years, and I know how to fix some of the problems that crop up when it breaks. At the same time, though, I'm tempted to trade the Buell and Daytona in for an F700GS, since it seems that I'd have much better dealer support. It's hard enough to find dealer support in the US, and I'm betting Harley mechanics in South Korea have even less interest in working on a Buell than their American counterparts.

I just found out I'll be in Daegu, so I guess I'll be south. That's great to know about track days - I will probably be wicked busy, but if I get a chance to spend a weekend bombing around the track, I will take it, even on a 250. Actually, hell, that will probably help hone my pathetic skills...

Daegu is a big city, they have a real-deal Harley dealer but not sure of Buell support there. I don't think Buells were ever officially imported to Korea. I'm sure you can find someone to work on it if needed. Use the APO to order parts from CONUS if needed. Daegu has excellent mountain roads nearby and is close enough to the East and South coasts that you can get there in a few hours tops. Not sure about track availablility there, I live in Seoul and only familiar with what's up here track-wise. I think you'll be happy on the Ulysses or on a GS if you decide to go that route.
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